Unique Recognition Awards for Customer Service Employees

It’s horrific to business owners to think about what their companies will be like without their customer service team. This team handles customer requirements efficiently and quickly. This is done by finding information for customers, providing assistance, and answering their questions. And because of all of this, it’s important to recognize their efforts. Showing this team that they are really appreciated goes a long way. They will want to remain with the company, and they will keep up the hard work.

In considering what awards to give the customer service team, reviewing the metrics utilized within the department is a vital. This include the number of calls taken or made, issue resolution, customer feedback, repeat orders, new account additions, or upsell opportunities. Additionally, it’s a good idea to give awards for the quality of work, attendance, number of orders processed, or the suggestions for improvements. When applying these metrics or more, the customer service team will have incentives to remain productive, and other employees will also which is very good for the company.

Ideas for Customer Service Awards and the Wording

Some good choices in customer service awards include the following: You Rock Award, Customer Service Gem Award, Platinum Service Award, Diamond Service Award, Customer Hero Award, the Consider It Done Award, Service Star Award, and more. Customer service teams could be given awards, gifts, and plaques.

Another thing to consider with customer service awards is the award presentation. They can be recognized during a team meeting, a company get together, or department event. These occasions will be more memorable for the customer service team, and thus, they will be encouraged to keep being productive for the company.

Some good wording examples of customer awards are as follows:

  • Company Logo, customer service award, presented to, recipient name, date, for meeting and exceeding standards, commendation of the performance, and thanks for always reaching above and beyond.
  • Company name, excellence in customer service award, date, recognizing/ambit-art-glass/products award, recipient name, for assisting the team to achieve more, consistently aiming higher than before, and logo
  • Company name, service with a smile award, presented to, recipient name, date, recognizing the outstanding service to clients
  • Company name, customer service rising star award, in recognition of recipient name, date, and efforts continue to make the company stand out
  • Customer service award, company name, date, recognizing, recipient name, for meeting and exceeding all standards of excellence
  • Customers service award, company name, for keeping the customers satisfied every day, name, date
  • Customer service award, presented to, name, thanks for dedicated service to customers, company name, date
  • Excellence in customer service, presented to, name, in grateful appreciation for outstanding service and leadership, company name, or logo, year

Important Stats Regarding Customer Service

SurveyMonkey did a recent survey of over 400 Americans concerning the effects of customer service. The results have shown that 72 % of customers stated that they are extremely or very likely to shop a particular location or company due to their reputation of having outstanding customer service. 97 % of customers also stated that they are likely to recommend the location/company to their family, friend, or co-workers. These stats show why it’s important to take care of the customer service team.

Relative Stats and the Benefits of Recognizing Employees

Research by Bersin & Associates has shown that companies recognizing their employees perform beyond and above those companies that don’t, and these companies that perform better have a 31 % lesser voluntary turnover rate. This is very important for companies because a lower turnover rate of valuable employees will assist greatly in the growth of the company. Also, a lower turnover rate will save the company tons of money that it would take to hire new employees.

Another great reason why recognizing employees with rewards is crucial for companies is due to the improvement of the team culture. Being in a relationship where one is ignored, run down, or abused will cause the person being harmed to want to end the relationship. This also applies with work relationships. Positive environments lead to great relationships, and a culture full of recognition leads the engagement of employees in a positive manner that will encourage employees to want to remain with the company while at the same time producing lasting impacts on their peers.

Awarding employees will also give them and others incentives to be and remain motivated in their work. These valuable employees will be driven to produce outstanding results for the company. Also, these traits will have infused them with a sense of passion, purpose, and mission. And they will take pride in knowing that their work means something valuable to the company’s goals and values.

Due to these reasons, it will behoove any organization to recognize their valuable employees. Recognizing employees in a great way is a main factor in staying ahead of the competition. Having a great brand is reachable to consumers, but poor customer service will drive customers away. And many times, poor customer service is caused by the company not recognizing their employees. In such cases, employees will feel like the company is not looking out for me, so they shouldn’t do their best for the company. Therefore, many of these employees will do just enough to keep the job which includes inferior customer service, for example.

Better Ways to Reward Valuable Employees

There are better ways to reward valuable employees besides having the “employee of the month” announcement and photo hanging up on the business’ wall. Acknowledgement of a job well done in this way or through other public display is appreciated sometimes by most key employees. However, more beneficial rewards are in order sometimes that will be an incentive to keep up the good work. Also, other employees will be even more motivated to utilized their skills with hard work and perseverance. Overall, this will be a win-win situation for the employees and the company because the hard work and skills of the employees will contribute to more company growth and sustainability.

With all of this said, the following are better rewarding incentives for employees:

  1. Peer to peer recognitions- having other employees to recognize their peers will build and strengthen office relations.
  2. Sharing success stories- during award ceremonies, the manager or higher ups should share the story of success of the employee. Handling out certificates and calling out names are not enough.
  3. A small monetary gift/promotion- whether it’s an appreciation gift/lunch or a promotion, these rewards are always great incentives to keep up the good work as well as encourage other workers to do their best.